How to Rank In Google- Getting Links The Legit Way With Guest Posting and Outreach

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Alright so if you have had a business “online” for any period of time you probably know that Google loves websites that are popular. What does “popular” mean in terms of how to get my website to the top of Google?


Here are the 4 Things You Need To Know About Ranking Your Website in 2017 And Beyond:

  1. You need traffic. You may have heard the phrase, “Content is King”. Well that used to be true. And in some sense it still is. However it is not the whole story. You need traffic going to your site. Google can see traffic from it’s data hub partners. Could not find a direct english link so just scroll down about half way and you will see the current data hub partners.
  2. You need ENGAGING content. You have probably heard the stories about fake news sites getting tons of traffic. Oh, those sites are the talk of the town lately, especially post election. But what these reporters do not tell you is that the fake news sites are expert content marketers. They create content that creates a need to share it and take action. Right or wrong they get people engaged in their content.
  3. You need links. Link are still a massive part in how Google determines rankings. There are a few niches where links are highly discounted, or potentially not counted at all (seriously what “legit websites” would link off to porn websites? But for the most part all searches in that happen in Google are affected by the quality of their inbound link profile.
  4. You need to convert. Help Google and your consumers by having clear call to actions. Whether it be a form fill, or a phone call. If you solve the person’s point of pain (what caused them to search in the first place) your site will get rewarded.

Some companies may have Facebook ads nailed down and can drive traffic that way. Others are struggling with content marketing and creating a consistent brand voice. Whatever ails your company, finding a digital partner that knows what they are doing, can help take your business to the next level.

You may need to hire a content marketing company to help create that engaging content. You might need to hire a conversion optimization specialist to help reshape your website. Those things are should be covered in another article.

We are here to discuss how to land guest posts and why it is the best way to increase your SEO rank. Guest Posting is a white hand way to get links. Instead of using paid links or “gray or black hat” techniques, Guest Posting gets you in front of real audiences that have traffic on them. As I mentioned one of the qualifications to rank, is “do you have traffic”. Well getting a link from a real active website that has traffic to it, is going to be much more valuable than a paid link on a site that is used solely for linking purposes.


I Want To Start Guest Posting. Now What Do I Do?

Go niche relevant. Focus on websites or blogs that are related to your industry. It does not have to be a perfect fit. Example if you are an criminal attorney, you can reach out to other DUI attorneys, or other attorneys. It does not have to be fellow criminal attorneys that you reach out to. Also, you could contact companies that handle the same types of cases that you do.

So if you are a criminal attorney, you could consider guest posting on bail bonds websites. See, how they are thematically related? They are in the legal system as well. You could also contact insurance companies, as often in criminal cases there are some form of insurance claim that happens. I am trying to help you understand that it does not have to be a 1-1 ratio. Try and remain as theme relevant as you can, and you will get the best “Push” out of your guest posting efforts.


I Don’t Have The Time, Or The Staff To Do This. Can I Hire Someone?

Absolutely. You should know that because this outreach process is time intensive, it is expensive. This is not for those companies that want to spend $1,000 per month. A real guest posting and white hat link building campaign is expensive. The company that performs these services for you, needs to do research on the websites and blogs. Here are a few things they should and need to look out for:

  1. Does the website have traffic?
  2. Does the website rank for keywords? Bonus SEO value for getting links from websites that rank in Google.
  3. Is the website spam free? You want to avoid spammy websites. You don’t want your website being associated with those sites.
  4. Does the website have that powerful backlink profile that can help the client rank?

SEO Companies use many different SEO Tools when analyzing link building opportunities. When you look at all this it is very time sensitive. Oh yeah, once the research is done, then it’s time to actually send the emails. You have to have perfected the art of getting emails opened. A good subject line is needed to avoid the trash bin.

It is best to do research on each person you are sending the pitch to. Get their name, their email, and a recent post they did on their website. Find something in that article that you found actionable or enjoyed.

Then finding a way to pitch them the idea of helping them out, by contributing an awesome piece of content, that you can earn a backlink for. One last tip. Include a picture of the person doing the outreach. Having a picture in the email signature increased my open rate by 400%.

Alright, that about sums it up. Outreach link building is expensive. It’s time consuming. It is also the right way to do link building.



Stephen Twomey is an Entrepreneur and the Founder of MasterMindSEO. When he is not saving his client’s sanity, he is often found lifting things up and putting them down. He loves spending time with his wife and three young sons.


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