FREE custom web design for your current website!!

I know it sounds crazy, but Tactical SEO has just partnered up with one of the most talented Web Design companies in Denver.  Anybody who signs up for a 1 year SEO contract receives:

Tactical SEO Web Design

  • A custom website that includes proper on-page SEO formatting
  • Easily navigable silo’d site for your visitor retention
  • Premium Branding and Reputation Management built in
  • A beautiful site designed for client/customer conversions

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Why are we offering FREE web design?

There are two main reasons we are crazy enough to offer such an awesome deal.  First, a properly laid out website with function, form and industry specific design that uses an up-do-date beautiful theme will make it easier for the On-Page SEO to be performed.  Not only can we implement proper on-page SEO standards, but we are always looking into the future of Search Algorithms, such as the recent Google Penguin or Hummingbird.  We see these algorithms only getting smarter as time goes on, therefore we approach SEO with a common sense expectation of the future.  This could easily include how a site is laid out with it’s form and function.

Second, what is the point of ranking at the top of Google when your site is poorly laid out, ugly, and/or out of date that client conversion non-existent or poor at best?  Similarly, why have the best client converting website there has ever been if potential clients cannot find the website in Google search?  Tactical SEO wants to see it’s clients’ ROI exceed all expectations, to do this we must have a holistic approach to SEO, Web design, branding, reputation management and ultimately client satisfaction.